Dr. Rupa Shah

Dr. Rupa Shah
Who & What

Dr. Rupa A. Shah (MBBS) is trained in western medicine in Mumbai and is also trained in ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ from the Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. She developed a keen interest in natural healing therapies about 35 years ago and is treating her patients with the help of flower energy remedies, plant-based diet & lifestyle and other complementary therapies. Today, she is lecturing all over the world on this subject.

While researching and treating patients, she came across Flower Remedies. On experiencing highly encouraging results from using flower remedies, she decided along with her doctor husband to produce and research Indian Flower Remedies, as the science is based on ancient philosophies. She has dedicated her life to researching bio-energy remedies and is sharing her findings with practitioners all over the world. Her qualification as an allopathic physician has helped her to convince her colleagues and evoke their interest in using bio-energy remedies. She uses her allopathic knowledge in her research to present it more scientifically. Finally, she helps people become healthy by reversing lifestyle related diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, thyroid through plant-based diet and lifestyle modification.

A Plant-Based Advocate
She is the core member of Ahimsa Parmo Dharmo Group which is organizing India’s biggest vegan annual festivals like the Ahimsa Festivals now called One Earth Festival 2018 in Mumbai to promote Ahimsa way of living for health, animals and environment.

Guiding Families To Transform Kitchens
Dr Rupa Shah is one of the earliest batch of vegan advocates in India. She has been organizing plant-based cooking demos across the city for over 10 years. As a home-maker and kitchen master herself, she realized the need for hand-holding in the kitchen. She started by organizing talks and potlucks to sustain the vision of transforming lifestyles. Living in a nation obsessed with dairy, she went on to create videos of dairy-free curds so more people may be inspired to start making dairy alternative foods at home. Soon, she went a step further and published books like ‘Dairy Alternatives’, ‘What About My Calcium?’ and even launched India’s first vegan print publication, ‘Compassion’.

Her vision is enable families to transform their lifestyles and reverse lifestyle diseases with a plant-based diet.

Dr. Shah says...
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