Jinal Rathod

Jinal Rathod
Who & What

Jinal Rathod is a plant-based food consultant and adventurer who enjoys travelling to new destinations. But regardless of her wandering spirit, she is passionate about guiding people on a plant-based journey.

She never thought she would become a food consultant. She worked in the media industry, but felt shackled by her corporate job and yearned to seek new horizons. She was also experiencing health issues like acne, PCOD and wanted to find a cure. But pills and powders were not working. Her search led her to study Nature Cure under the tutelage of Dr Sharma.

She loved cooking and as she changed her cooking ingredients and methods, she noticed improvements in her health. This was the first step to her recovery. Jinal realized that if one makes simple changes one’s lifestyle, the body will naturally heal itself. In a few short months, she was completely rejuvenated and started reading up about nutrition. Finally, she felt that she had found her true calling–to help people be free of physical pain related to poor health.

New Horizons
And she never looked back. She joined Dr Rupa Shah’s team to organize a series of Healthy Cooking Workshops in the suburbs which were very popular. She moved on to become a Food Consultant at Bird Song for a few years.

Her next project was to join the team to help curate the food menu at Earth Café in Bandra which was launched in March 2019. Both cafés are today the most successfully running cafes in the city.

This avid adventurer is never at rest. She is always keen to push her envelope of experience further, be it her newly blooming career or her personal life. Last year, she did a 15-day water fast to see how the body heals and was so happy with the results that she did it again for 8 days. She was all the more convinced that the body heals if you feed it the right plant-based foods. She also went to nature retreats in the Himalayas to coach participants. Families often invite her to their kitchens and teach them to take health back on hand with food.

Her other interests are indigenous food foraging, organic farming and healthi-fying junk food. Cooking good food should always make you happy, she believes. Jinal wants to empower people to eat food which prevent them from falling ill.

Presently, after her explorative journey across the Himalayan terrain and the culinary foodscapes of the city, Jinal has reconnected with Dr Rupa Shah and together, they plan to take the plant-powered message to the people.